Next Course scheduled to be started on 18th April 2017


our partner network is Strategic

Our Client Hotels Partners

We are always on the look out for Hotels, Villas and Boutique establishments to join our current client hotels to place our talented trainees.

If you can offer an establishment with the quality levels for our trainees to embed their learning and succeed to becoming masters in their trade then we want to hear from you.

In return we can offer you a caliber of trainee that will help you exceed your customers expectations by delivering your brand values on the front line.

Why TRAc?

We are confident of sending you excellence due to the trademarks of our program.

  • We choose our trainees for success
  • We focus on English and Customer Service, a program written by us, for the Hospitality Industry
  • We incorporate a Life Skills module in our training, which means we supply individuals ready and motivated to work
  • We have partnered leading Hospitality and Food & Beverage companies to deliver specialist training modules to our trainees. This means you get trainees with an advanced level of knowledge to the average hospitality trainee.

If you would like to see how a TRAc trainee can enchance your customers experience then contact Natasha or Henrik.

Our Other Partners

In order to create a world-class program for the shores of Sri Lanka, TRAc have compiled a list of partners to breathe life to the training and enhance the learning experience. Wishing to bring opportunities to as many sections of the community as possible, TRAc have also partnered with organisations to reach the rural and far-flung areas all around the Island.

Lion Brewery/ Diageo/ Luxury Brands

Luxury Brands are the sole distributors Diageo and Moet Hennessey products in Sri Lanka and together are arguably the Global leaders in the Spirits, Cognacs and Champagne segments. Lion Brewery is Sri Lanka’s undisputed market leader for Beer, and manufactures and distributes flagship Brands such as Lion, Carlsberg, Three Coins, Corona and Somersby. TRAc have partnered with Lion Brewery to bring an all-round knowledge of the beer that is served in the hospitality industry to life. Trainees will visit the factory to understand the brewing experience so better to speak knowledgably to clients. They will also get first-hand experience of bottle opening and serving a refreshing beer to their guests.

Decanter Wine Holdings / Vinum

Decanter Wine Holdings, an Import and Wholesale distributor of fine wines, champagnes and Sake to Maldives and Sri Lanka Through their dedicated wine education centre “Vinum” , Decanter aims to be a certified WSET Wine Trust UK Centre (The highest internationally recognized certification academy in the field of wine training most world-wide recognized wine service certification TRAc have partnered with Decanter to manage our wine training module. Which will cover basic grape varieties and give trainees first-hand experience in wine opening and service.

WUSC (World University Service of Canada’s)

WUSC is a leading Canadian non-profit organization in international development. Committed to building a more equitable and sustainable world through education, employment and empowerment opportunities that improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged youth around the world. The ASSET project links the human resource needs of growing businesses to those individuals wanting to enter the workforce but lacking the appropriate skills. The project connects unemployed youth to training for existing jobs. TRAc and WUSC will be partnering to provide training to the disadvantaged youth from all around the Island

National Youth Corp of Sri Lanka

A governmental organisation that looks to instill independent and patriotic attitudes by focusing on discipline training, personality development and jobs oriented vocational training. The organisation connects youth to training and jobs. TRAc and NYC will be partnering to provide training to the youth from all around the Island